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You’ll get more from your website if you receive the help you need at the planning stage.

I’ll give you sensible, uncomplicated advice (with a healthy dose of creativity, focus and organisation) to help you plan, and I’ll support you every step of the way.

Pain-free Web Design

I’ll explain the benefits, cut the jargon and work with you to create a website that will grow and develop with your business.

And, because I’m passionate about creating great websites and seeing businesses thrive as a result of them, I’ll be around long after the initial build to support you and ensure everything is as it should be – so you can get on with running your business.

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Disigners and web companies from across the globe inspire me with their apporaches to the web and it’s ever evolving technological advances.

On a personal level, I’m continually inspired by my surroundings (the great outdoors) and by individuals (the great and the good) whom I admire from afar or who are already part of my life.


I regularly donate my time, skills or make financial contributions to a variety of causes, including:

Cancer Research – running the Race for Life (I’ve got a medal to proove it!) and fundraising annually

Local charities – web design services, advice and support

Local community groups – graphic design services, web design and development advice and support

My local sports club – I’m a huge cricket fan and provide free graphic design, social media, web design and web development services plus advice and support on all things web related

My clients – loyalty reward vouchers for clients who’ve stayed with me throughout their (and my) web design journey… because they’re worth it!



My working background stems from a rewarding journey in the land and property law sector.  You may think that’s not remotely akin to the web design industry, however, it gave me the opportunity to grow from being a young lady in my teenage years to becoming a young(ish) team manager with 27 staff.

What followed was a secondment to our London Head Office to embark on a national project evaluating the future of the organisation and the publication of a confidential report to the Executive Board.

The industry may have been very different, but the skills learnt and experience gained in leadership, critical thinking, customer service, delivering results, communicating with and motivating others and effectively managing projects were invaluable.  Those skills are prevalent in my work ethos daily.


Bernie Bradley


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Life changes.  The web changes.  Both of which are exciting, right?

Well yes, but it’s also vitally important to embrace these changes and learn to evolve.

My experience + web creativeness + a big spoonful of common sense and a solid work ethic = a web designer who’ll work hard for you and your business.

You can be confident that you’ll get the best of me.  Every day.

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