Wait A Minute, Mr Postman – Delivery Charges In Ads & On Your Website

Wait A Minute, Mr Postman – Delivery Charges In Ads & On Your Website

Internet shopiing has been on the rise for several years and during the COVID-19 pandemic, its rise was magnified by the temporary closure of physical stores which drove consumers to further embrace online shopping, more than ever before.

In amongst the need for businesses to market their products and services in what was, for a time, a wholly digital marketplace for many businesses, the need for transparency had never been greater when it came to being clear to consumers about any charges that might apply either further down the line.


Do businesses need to state their delivery fees and/or charges up-front?


When and why do they need to state them?


What if businesses don’t know what the charges will be until the checkout stage, when the shoppers cart/basket contents are known?


What if the charges only affect specific locations, such as the UK mainland, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man only? To name but a few examples.


Can you advertise a product as ‘free’ if you’re applying charges or delivery fees?


Your Definitive Guide

To find the answers to these important questions and to stay within the law in terms of what you can and cannot say when it comes to advertising product prices, it’s crucial that businesses are also clear about any charges that might apply. 

Find out more on this topic in this simple and useful quick read on the Advertising Standards Authority website.

Whatever your charges, make sure your advertising is clear, honest and fair.




Earth Day: Want to Lower Your Website’s Carbon Footprint All Year Around?

Earth Day: Want to Lower Your Website’s Carbon Footprint All Year Around?

Did you know that even your website leaves a carbon footprint on the environment? If it loads slowly, it consumes more power and emits a higher carbon footprint. So, the faster your website, the better for the planet.

To help both the environment and your business, at Bernie Bradley Websites I provide an optimised website hosting infrastructure to create faster loading sites and a lower carbon footprint. Here’s how:


How I Help You To Reduce Website Carbon Emissions

• My platform runs on premium Google Cloud infrastructure, matching 100% of its consumption with renewable sources;
• The PHP and MySQL setup on our servers has been customised to make your pages load 30% faster on average and bring down the number of slow queries between 10 and 20 times.
• A powerful static and dynamic caching technology has been enabled, which results in up to 5 times faster page loading for lower carbon footprint.


Earth Day – 22 April 2022 – Invest In Our Planet

Earth day, also known as Mother Earth Day, is celebrated annually on 22 April. It is a reminder for us all to protect the environment, restore damaged ecosystems and live a more sustainable life.

The theme for 2022 is ‘Invest In Our Planet’ which calls on businesses to shift towards more sustainable practices and here at BB Websites HQ, we’re making changes to lower our carbon footprint, ranging from choosing to work with partners and suppliers who actively look to lower their own carbon footprint to looking closer to home at my own practices and making business and lifestyle changes.

Together, we can make simple but impactful contributions to offset emissions and protect the planet.


Want to Lower Your Website’s Carbon Footprint?

Talk to me about fast, scaleable and secure website hosting for your business today. Get in touch.

How To Video Chat & Stay Connected With Family & Friends

How To Video Chat & Stay Connected With Family & Friends

Never has there been a global incident during our lifetime where staying connected with our family and friends has been so important and, well, so invalubale to our wellbeing.

The coronavirus may be bringing the global economy and communities to it’s knees, but in amongst the chaos and uncertainty that this unprecedented event brings, there are many reasons to be happy and thankful, especially having more time to reconnect with our family and friends.


How To Video Call Your Loved Ones

Not sure how to do that? The BBC have put together some great, step-by-step videos which explain how to make and receive video calls using an Android phone, iPhone, iPad or your Windows or Mac computer using apps or the inbuilt technology that you already have.

Watch the videos here: Step-by-step guide: How to video call your family

I hope this helps you to stay connected.

Feel free to share this with your family and friends, especially those who are self-isolating and who would welcome hearing the voice of a loved one and seeing a friendly face.

Take care, and #StaySafe everyone.

Bernie x