Did you know that even your website leaves a carbon footprint on the environment? If it loads slowly, it consumes more power and emits a higher carbon footprint. So, the faster your website, the better for the planet.

To help both the environment and your business, at Bernie Bradley Websites I provide an optimised website hosting infrastructure to create faster loading sites and a lower carbon footprint. Here’s how:


How I Help You To Reduce Website Carbon Emissions

β€’ My platform runs on premium Google Cloud infrastructure, matching 100% of its consumption with renewable sources;
β€’ The PHP and MySQL setup on our servers has been customised to make your pages load 30% faster on average and bring down the number of slow queries between 10 and 20 times.
β€’ A powerful static and dynamic caching technology has been enabled, which results in up to 5 times faster page loading for lower carbon footprint.


Earth Day – 22 April 2022 – Invest In Our Planet

Earth day, also known as Mother Earth Day, is celebrated annually on 22 April. It is a reminder for us all to protect the environment, restore damaged ecosystems and live a more sustainable life.

The theme for 2022 is ‘Invest In Our Planet’ which calls on businesses to shift towards more sustainable practices and here at BB Websites HQ, we’re making changes to lower our carbon footprint, ranging from choosing to work with partners and suppliers who actively look to lower their own carbon footprint to looking closer to home at my own practices and making business and lifestyle changes.

Together, we can make simple but impactful contributions to offset emissions and protect the planet.


Want to Lower Your Website’s Carbon Footprint?

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