How To Video Chat & Stay Connected With Family & Friends

How To Video Chat & Stay Connected With Family & Friends

Never has there been a global incident during our lifetime where staying connected with our family and friends has been so important and, well, so invalubale to our wellbeing.

The coronavirus may be bringing the global economy and communities to it’s knees, but in amongst the chaos and uncertainty that this unprecedented event brings, there are many reasons to be happy and thankful, especially having more time to reconnect with our family and friends.


How To Video Call Your Loved Ones

Not sure how to do that? The BBC have put together some great, step-by-step videos which explain how to make and receive video calls using an Android phone, iPhone, iPad or your Windows or Mac computer using apps or the inbuilt technology that you already have.

Watch the videos here: Step-by-step guide: How to video call your family

I hope this helps you to stay connected.

Feel free to share this with your family and friends, especially those who are self-isolating and who would welcome hearing the voice of a loved one and seeing a friendly face.

Take care, and #StaySafe everyone.

Bernie x

YouTube – A FREE Guide To Hosting Virtual Events

YouTube – A FREE Guide To Hosting Virtual Events

The coronavirus outbreak has captured the world’s attention and it has impacted our lives in many ways and on many levels.

In these extraordinary times that we find ourselves in, businesses are having to adapt and evolve rapidly, whether that’s to keep on top of the demand for their services if they’re fortunate enough to see an increase in demand for their products or services, or they’re having to find new and alternative ways to generate revenue and create an income stream to replace the one that’s just been shut down as a result of the lockdown restrictions.

For many businesses whose livlihood depended on hosting events, that option has been completely removed right now.Β  If you’re one of them, the good news is that there’s a YouTube solution that enables you to host either a live or premier (scheduled) events on You Tube for free, and here’s how to do it…


How To Host Live YouTube Events – The Definitive Guide

YouTube have very kindly put together a step-by-step PDF guide explaining:


FREE YouTube Guide: How To Make Videos & Host Events

View YouTube’s step-by-step guide here in their Digital Events Playbook PDF (3.3MB)


We Will Get Through This

One thing’s certain, and that is that we’re all in this together.Β  United we stand with the politicians, the health care providers, the doctors, nurses, the essential service providers and our family, friends and wider community.

To each and every person who is helping us navigate these new unchartered waters, and to all the people that we as businesses, colleagues, friends and family support, we WILL get through this. Together.