Wait A Minute, Mr Postman – Delivery Charges In Ads & On Your Website

Wait A Minute, Mr Postman – Delivery Charges In Ads & On Your Website

Internet shopiing has been on the rise for several years and during the COVID-19 pandemic, its rise was magnified by the temporary closure of physical stores which drove consumers to further embrace online shopping, more than ever before.

In amongst the need for businesses to market their products and services in what was, for a time, a wholly digital marketplace for many businesses, the need for transparency had never been greater when it came to being clear to consumers about any charges that might apply either further down the line.


Do businesses need to state their delivery fees and/or charges up-front?


When and why do they need to state them?


What if businesses don’t know what the charges will be until the checkout stage, when the shoppers cart/basket contents are known?


What if the charges only affect specific locations, such as the UK mainland, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man only? To name but a few examples.


Can you advertise a product as ‘free’ if you’re applying charges or delivery fees?


Your Definitive Guide

To find the answers to these important questions and to stay within the law in terms of what you can and cannot say when it comes to advertising product prices, it’s crucial that businesses are also clear about any charges that might apply. 

Find out more on this topic in this simple and useful quick read on the Advertising Standards Authority website.

Whatever your charges, make sure your advertising is clear, honest and fair.