Getting You On The Web

Having a website is great. It’s everything you wanted. But until you have a web address and your website files are alive and kicking on the internet, no one will see it.

That’s why you need a domain name and a web host.

I offer web hosting that comes with all the capabilities you need: email addresses, unlimited website traffic and unlimited web space, all backed up in a secure UK data center.

Some web hosts offer free hosting for life, however, these can often do more harm than good because you end up with popups and adverts all over your site and the server tends to run much slower.

Domain name registration and website hosting

If you’d rather your site visitors look at your content (not adverts) where pages load quickly and easily, my web hosting may be exactly what you need.

Secure and scaleable website hosting

What Is Website Hosting?

Website hosting allows your web pages to be ‘hosted’ on a server so that they can be viewed over the internet by everyone.

All websites need to be hosted on a server, whether they contain one page or hundreds of site pages.


Scalable Cloud Web Hosting
The cloud shared hosting platform is renowned for delivering superb page speeds, consistent reliability and effortlessly handling unforeseen traffic bursts.

It also has everything you need to get your blog, e-commerce store or business website up and running.


Secure UK Data Centre
Your website and email data is secure in a state of the art UK data centre.

It’s secure, robust, fast and reliable.

Email Addresses
Create multiple ‘yourdomainname’ email addresses.

Email addresses are backed by the latest spam and antivirus software available.

You’ll also be able to access your emails on the internet via webmail, enabling you to access and manage your messages wherever and whenever you’re connected to the web.

Want your emails forwarded to a different email address?Β  That’s possible too!

FREE Daily Backups
Daily backups are made of your files and databases.Β  As standard and for free. You don’t even need to ask.

They’re kept for thirty days, giving you peace of mind… should you need it.

Search Engine Friendly Hosting
Your web hosting is completely SEO friendly.

Domain Name Registration and Renewals

Did you know, over half a million domain names are registered every day?

A domain name is an internet address, a unique name for your website. Choosing the right domain name is extremely important. Ideally it should be short, memorable and meaningful.

If you’re unsure of where to start when choosing a domain name, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for some hints and tips.

Already own a domain name?

Great! You can either continue to manage and renew it yourself or I can take care of that annually for you. The choice is yours.

Get your affordable domain name and website hosting