I’m going to get all techie on you. Just for a moment. Forgive me, it’s important.

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. A search engine is any system (like Google) that allows you to search for things on the web. Once your website’s complete you’ll want search engines to find it. If they can’t find it your site won’t show up in searches for goods or products online. Which will be a bit like opening a shop and not telling anyone where it is.

Search Engine Brownie Points

Not only will you want search engines to find your website, you’ll want them to like it so much that they place it high up their rankings, rather than on page 28, where no-one ever looks.

And the way you boost your website’s rankings is by applying the bag of tools and techniques known as optimisation.

Search engine optimisation

Techie Part Aside

I’ll create a website you’ll be proud to show off. SEO will make sure there’s someone to show it to.

Don’t wait until your site is complete to start thinking about SEO

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