To update… or not to update?

Maintenance is vital whether it’s on your home, garden or your car. A website is no different.

Regularly updating your website will help you to retain your visitors, attract new ones and keep those hungry search engines well fed!

What is Website Maintenance?

Web maintenance is what keeps a website in ship-shape condition. It can be done as regularly as you like: daily, weekly, monthly or even a handful of times a year and it involves tasks such as adding or updating content, adding new site pages, image optimisation or making changes to enhance a website’s performance.

Update your website quickly and easily


Because it can unlock your websites hidden potential.

A regularly updated and optimised website allows for growth.

It gives the search engines new content to find and it gives customers a reason to return.

The internet is constantly evolving, your website needs to evolve with it.

 Not Got Time To Update Your Website?

Those good intentions of keeping your website up-to-date can soon turn into something that stays on your to-do list for longer than intended!  Don’t worry,  I can update it for you.

Want to update the website yourself?  That’s possible too, via an easy to use Content Management System (CMS) using your very own login.

Discover how easy it can be to update your website